What is your pricing?

You may be expecting a quick and easy answer for this question, but there are many variables at play which affect pricing such as the criteria of work to be done, location of the shoot, etc. I try to tailor my services to each and every client in a way that will satisfy all their photography needs and further strengthen the relationships I build between them. Ultimately, it will be individually priced out depending on the scope of work and the timeline of the project.

Do you have any GUARANTEES for your work?

In a short answer, yes. I only operate my business on contracted work which provides exact parameters and expectations that will be set forth for both myself and the client. I draft my own contracts and everything that is included and excluded will be listed explicitly for the client to read. I believe that this method of doing business is the most transparent and efficient way possible of sharing my photography services with the world.

How long will it take to RECEIVE my final photos?

This information will be depicted in the contract that we sign, but in general you can expect a 1 week turnaround time from the date of shoot.

Can you hold a date for me?

In order to be fair to all my clients and potential clients, I cannot save dates unless we have a signed contract. Furthermore, my services are on a first come/first serve basis.

Is there a deposit fee?

I require that clients pay a deposit free of $200 USD at the signing of their contract. This amount will be subtracted from the total cost of the contract and is non-refundable (I do this so people don’t flake).

Can I order prints from your portfolio?

Yes! Although most people in this day and age prefer to look at beautiful photography through the confines of their computer screen, others prefer to have a quality print hung and framed on their wall. If you are interested in getting a print, simply email me and we can discuss the topic further to get sizing information and more. I generally don’t like the idea of putting huge profit margins on prints, so I stay very transparent with how much the print will cost for me to order vs. what I am willing to give it away for (I’m very reasonable with pricing because it tickles my soul knowing that my art will be hung in someone’s home!)

When can I expect to hear back from you regarding an inquiry?

I try to answer emails within 48 hours!

Of all places to live, what made you choose Seattle?

I’ve thought about this a lot actually, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a combination of the opportunity that exists, the beautiful surrounding natural destinations, and most importantly the people. Seattle as we all know is home to a very unique set of people who are not only extremely driven to achieve great things in life, but also the people here are just quirky, creative, and pleasant to talk to in general.

So uh…are you team Canon or team Nikon?

Team Canon for life! (Nikon makes great cameras too, Canon just works a bit more seamless for what I do).

Why don’t you update your social media more often?

To be completely honest I don’t get the big thrill of posting my pictures on social media and constantly working hard to connect with and impress strangers who I’ll most likely never actually meet. I tend to value in-person social interaction a lot more and the only real reason I keep my social profiles like Instagram for instance is because it helps with my website’s search engine optimization.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of doing photography?

I love driving in any fashion (I consider myself a car guy), trying to perfect my homemade espresso shots on the daily, and I follow the stock market religiously!

How long is this FAQ gonna be anyways?

I think here is good. It’s 2:47am right now and I think I’m gonna put myself to bed now.